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     BIOTA West Africa Observatory Information Sheet:   Dano/ Bontioli NP

Above: Barrage at the Dreyer station
Below: Cubitermes mound in Bontioli NP

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Southwestern Burkina Faso

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Altitude (m)




331 m


In 2002 the Dreyer Foundation started to build a barrage in the Dano region. In 2004 a research station has been built up close to this barrage. BIOTA West took the chance to collaborate at this site to complete the climatic gradient in two directions, the North-South and also the East-West gradient. The subprojects working on climatology, termites, fish and botany are cooperating at this site.

Bontioli-NP is located 40 km south of Dano. This protected area serves as a near-natural reference area for comparison with the anthropogenically heavily disturbed region of Dano. The subprojects concerning climatology, termites and fish are working together at this site.

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