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Title Biodiversity Monitoring in Europe: The EU FP7 EBONE project European Biodiversity Observation NEtwork

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Short title EBONE - European Biodiversity Observation NEtwork

Author(s) Vogel, M.(1); Jongman, R.(2)

Presenting author Vogel, M.

Institution(s) (1)Council for Scientific Research CSIR, Pretoria, South Africa; (2)Alterra, Wageningen UR, the Netherlands

Keywords Biodiversity Monitoring, EBONE FP7, Europe, Mediterranean, South Africa

Abstract On April 1st, 2008 the EU FP7 project EBONE ( was launched. The aim of the project is the development of a (cost-effective) biodiversity data collection and monitoring system based on local field data, landscape metrics and remote sensing data to assess biodiversity at a regional, national and European level.
The objective of the project is:
  1. The provision of a sound scientific basis for the production of statistical estimates of stock and change of key indicators that can then be interpreted by policy makers responding to EU Directives regarding threatened ecosystems and species;

  2. The development of a system for estimating past change but also for forecasting and testing policy options and designing mitigating management strategies for threatened ecosystems and species.

The end product should therefore be a biodiversity observation network that is spatially and topically prioritized and a structure for an institutional framework allowing European monitoring including projections on trends based on reliable data and indicators.
This is elaborated in the following working objectives:
  1. Development of a monitoring concept including common indicators for biodiversity
  2. Stratification of Europe and other regions involved for monitoring purposes
  3. Development and testing of standard field–site observations and databasemanagement
  4. Intercalibrate field data with earth observation data
  5. Development of a cost effective framework for European and world-wide biodiversity monitoring including suggestions for an institutional setting.

Even if the focus of the project is recently on European biodiversity, non-European Mediterranean test sites in South Africa and Israel are included as a first step towards a global approach. An overview of the EBONE project and possible synergistic linkages to the BIOTA-South project will be presented.

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Notes Corresponding author: M. Vogel

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