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Presentation Oral presentation
Title Creating enabling frame conditions for land user –scientist communication

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Short title Land user – scientist communication

Author(s) Koelle, B.(1); Kotze, D.(1)

Presenting author Koelle, B.(1)

Institution(s) (1) Indigo development & change, South Africa

Keywords Communication, capacity development, trans-disciplinary research, learning

Abstract In the context of the BIOTA research, active participation of local land users has been promoted to ensure that research results incorporate local knowledge and that appropriate recommendations and decision support are provided to land users. In order to maximise the practical application of the research results it is crucial to synthesise knowledge from different disciplines including the local knowledge and to communicate effectively with all stakeholders involved. This paper explores different ways of promoting trans-disciplinary research that fosters synergies of research results within BIOTA South and will draw on lessons learnt in the process.

Congress Topic Capacity development

Topic No. 5.3
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