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Presentation Oral presentation
Title The road ahead / Thoughts and contributions from all

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Short title Conclusion

Author(s) Hoffman, M.T.

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Institution(s) University of Cape Town

Keywords aquaculture; fish farming; fisheries

Abstract In this synthesis of the contributions to theme 3 I firstly highlight the importance of land use as a driver of landscape and biodiversity change in Africa and place this research within a broader international context. Next, I discuss the breadth of studies currently being undertaken within the BIOTA programme and which are presented in this theme. There is an impressive range of ecological and social systems being investigated from the arid southern and northern parts of Africa to the moist tropics in the east and west. What characterizes the research being carried out is the wide range of disciplines involved often within a single project. These disciplines include biology, conservation planning, economics, social anthropology and rangeland science amongst many others. Finally, several critical research questions are presented as they relate to the study of land use in Africa and which arise from the research discussed in this theme.

Congress Topic Land use, impact and value

Topic No. 3.11
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