Weather data
A large number of automatic weather stations has been implemented in the frame of the BIOTA AFRICA project by the Namibian National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) and the Group "Biodiversity, Evolution and Ecology" (BEE) of the University of Hamburg. The website offers hourly updates of data and graphs of a large number of weather parameters.


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The implementation of biodiversity information into environmental management processes is of major concern for the national action plans developed in West African countries in response to the World Summit on Sustainable Development (Johannesburg 2002). Although the safeguarding of biological diversity is of very high priority for West African countries, tangible information on biodiversity does not exist. National action plans and appropriate legislation on biological diversity remain to be developed for most West African countries.

In this workpackage we intend to consolidate the comprehensive data and information on biodiversity gathered during the preceding BIOTA phases. Therefore an atlas of biodiversity will be compiled and published in order to convey the most recent results of biodiversity research to managers of environmental resources and to the public.