International Congress

Biodiversity of Africa -

Observation and Sustainable Management for our Future!

29 September - 3 October 2008
Spier (near Cape Town / Stellenbosch)
Republic of South Africa

The International Congress, held by BIOTA AFRICA, is a forum for user-oriented, policy-relevant and scientifically sound information exchange on sustainable development and climate change adaptation. It aims at strengthening the dialogue between policy makers, scientists, land users and other local stakeholders. It promotes and consolidates long-lasting communication structures from community level to national and regional level.

Major topics at the congress:

  1. Observation System - Identifying, measuring and understanding the past and present change of biodiversity and its patterns as caused by land use, climate change and other relevant drivers.

  2. Process Analysis - Understanding, modelling & predicting ecosystem functions, processes and mechanisms.

  3. Land use, impact and value - Ecosystem services, goods & values and their human appropriation.

  4. Interventions - Tools & strategies for better management decisions (sustainable use, restoration, conservation) from community level to national policy.

  5. Capacity development - Knowledge, skills and data tools for decision making.