Weather data
A large number of automatic weather stations has been implemented in the frame of the BIOTA AFRICA project by the Namibian National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) and the Group "Biodiversity, Evolution and Ecology" (BEE) of the University of Hamburg. The website offers hourly updates of data and graphs of a large number of weather parameters.


BIOTA West Africa BIOTA West Africa - Workpackage - CT3-WP6


 Core Topic (CT)

Tools and products for decision making and practical application

 Topic (T)



Biodiversity data nodes in West Africa

 Project leader(s)

Dr. Marco Schmidt, Dr. Stefan Dressler & Prof. Dr. Georg Zizka
Jakob Fahr
Prof. Dr. Mark-Oliver Rödel
Prof. Dr. Adjima Thiombiano
Prof. Dr. Brice Sinsin
Dr. Souleymane Konaté, Prof. Dr. Stefan Porembski, Dr. Dethardt Goetze
Prof. Dr. Dossahoua Traoré

 Project description

Biodiversity data is the foundation for research, management and conservation of biodiversity. So far only small scattered data sources exist in West Africa as compared to southern Africa or the northern hemisphere. To improve this situation data nodes will be established in the Lamto field station and at the major West African herbaria of Abidjan, Cotonou and Ouagadougou. The data bases will comprise both botanical and zoological collection and observation data. Their value to the scientific community will be further increased by data exchange and integration into global networks like e.g. GBIF.

The particular aims in this WP are as follows:

capacity building in data nodes: data entry and analysis, quality management, use of databases in collection management

establishment of a data network improving the exchange of data and standards between all partners, especially within West Africa

provide data for analyses and products in all CTs

integration into global research infrastructure, e.g. GBIF