Weather data
A large number of automatic weather stations has been implemented in the frame of the BIOTA AFRICA project by the Namibian National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) and the Group "Biodiversity, Evolution and Ecology" (BEE) of the University of Hamburg. The website offers hourly updates of data and graphs of a large number of weather parameters.


BIOTA Southern Africa - DS&T Project 5



DS&T 05


A feasibility study: Ameliorators of anthropogenic climate change – small scale improvements of a large scale problem

Project leader(s)

Dr Colleen Seymour
Percy FitzPatrick Institute, Department of Zoology University of Cape Town, Private Bag, Rondebosch, 7701.

Project description

The study will involve a feasibility study comprised of a literature review and development of protocols as well as some initial experiments. Hydraulic lift not only has important implications for plant water relations, but also for mineral nutrient uptake and competitive (or facilitative) interactions of neighbouring plants. It may also prove to be important in dampening the effects of climate change.

SADC and International Links

Florian Jeltsch
University of Potsdam
Maulbeerallee 2
D-14469 Potsdam

Other collaborators (e.g. SADC) to be established during feasibility study.