Biodiversity in southern Africa


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List of authors

  Last name Title, First name Institute Country E-mail
1 Austermühle Ms Renate National Botanical Institute Namibia
2 Bausch Ms. Jennifer Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen (JLU) Germany
3 Berger Dr. Klaus University of Hamburg Germany
4 Blaum Dr. Niels University of Potsdam Germany
5 Boonzaier Ms. Carmen Stellenbosch University South Africa
6 Bösing Ms. Britta M. Christian-Albrechts University Kiel Germany
7 Brandl Prof. Dr. Roland Philipps University Marburg Germany
8 Braune Dr. Erik Bildungshaus Schulbuchverlage Westermann Schroedel Diesterweg Schöningh Winklers GmbH Germany
9 Büdel Prof. Dr. Burkhard University of Kaiserslautern Germany
10 Christiaan Mr. Reginald A. n.a. South Africa
11 Classen Mr. Nikolaus University of Hamburg Germany
12 Colditz Dr. Rene R. National Commission for the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity (CONABIO) Mexico
13 Cupido Mr. Clement Animal Production Institute South Africa
14 Damm Dr. Sandra University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover Germany
15 Darienko Dr. Tatyana National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Ukraine
16 Deckert Dr. Jürgen Humboldt University Berlin Germany
17 Dengler Dr. Jürgen University of Hamburg Germany
18 Deutschewitz Ms. Kirstin University of Kaiserslautern Germany
19 Dojani Ms. Stephanie University of Kaiserslautern Germany
20 Domptail Ms. Stephanie Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen (JLU) Germany
21 Dorendorf Mr. Jens University of Hamburg Germany
22 Dorigo Dr. Wouter Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) Austria
23 Dreber Mr. Niels University of Hamburg Germany
24 Erb Ms. Elke Camel Farm Namibia
25 Eschenbach Prof. Dr. Annette University of Hamburg Germany
26 Esler Prof. Karen J. Stellenbosch University South Africa
27 Etzold Dr. Sophia University of Hamburg Germany
28 Falk Dr. Thomas Philipps University Marburg Germany
29 Fendler Mr. Jens Polytechnic of Namibia Namibia
30 Finckh Dr. Manfred University of Hamburg Germany
31 Fox Mr. Tobias Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences Germany
32 Frank Ms. Anne Philipps University Marburg Germany
33 Friedl Prof. Dr. Thomas University of Goettingen Germany
34 Geldenhuys Mr. Conrad Northern Cape Department of Environment and Nature Conservation South Africa
35 Gessner Ms. Ursula University of Würzburg Germany
36 Gibreel Dr. Tarig Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen (JLU) Germany
37 Gießelmann Mr. Urs Christian Philipps University Marburg Germany
38 Graiff Ms. Angelika University of Würzburg Germany
39 Grant Mr. Paul Stellenbosch University South Africa
40 Grohmann Ms. Constanze University of Würzburg Germany
41 Gröngröft Dr. Alexander University of Hamburg Germany
42 Grotehusmann Ms. Lisa University of Hamburg Germany
43 Gruber Mr. Martin Ethnofilm Germany
44 Haarmeyer Ms. Daniela H. University of Hamburg Germany
45 Hadrys Dr. Heike University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover Germany
46 Haensler Mr. Andreas Max Planck Institute for Meteorology Germany
47 Hagemann Dr. Stefan Max Planck Institute for Meteorology Germany
48 Hanke Ms. Wiebke University of Hamburg Germany
49 Hecht Ms. Judith Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) Switzerland
50 Heelemann Mr. Steffen University of Regensburg Germany
51 Heil Ms. Nora Philipps University Marburg Germany
52 Henstock Ms. Ronel University of Pretoria South Africa
53 Hillmann Mr. Thomas University of Hamburg Germany
54 Hinz Prof. Dr. Manfred University of Namibia Namibia
55 Hoffman Prof. Dr. M. Timm University of Cape Town South Africa
56 Hoffmann Dr. Anke Humboldt University Berlin Germany
57 Hoffmann Mr. John n.a. Germany
58 Horn Dr. Anne Stellenbosch University South Africa
59 Hoyer Mr. Patrick University of Hamburg Germany
60 Hurek Dr. Thomas University of Bremen Germany
61 Husted Ms. Lara B. South African National Biodiversity Institute South Africa
62 Hüttich Mr. Christian University of Würzburg Germany
63 Isaacks Mr. Richard S. n.a. Namibia
64 Jacob Prof. Dr. Daniela Max Planck Institute for Meteorology Germany
65 Jeltsch Prof. Dr. Florian University of Potsdam Germany
66 Joubert Mr. David Polytechnic of Namibia Namibia
67 Jürgens Prof. Dr. Norbert University of Hamburg Germany
68 Kambuli Mr. Reinhold Polytechnic of Namibia Namibia
69 Kamukuenjandje Mr. Richard Terence Polytechnic of Namibia Namibia
70 Kangombe Ms. Fransiska Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry Namibia
71 Kanzler Sven-Eric
72 Kauatjirue Mr. Justus Polytechnic of Namibia Namibia
73 Keil Mr. Manfred German Aerospace Center (DLR) Germany
74 Kellerman Ms. Lizande University of Pretoria South Africa
75 Kipping Mr. Jens Natural Museum "Mauritianum" Altenburg Germany
76 Kirk Prof. Dr. Michael Philipps University Marburg Germany
77 Koch Dr. Frank Humboldt University Berlin Germany
78 Koelle Ms. Bettina Indigo development & change South Africa
79 Kohrs Ms. Bertchen n.a. Namibia
80 Kongor Dr. Raphael Y. Stellenbosch University South Africa
81 Koop Ms. Linnéa Philipps University Marburg Germany
82 Kos Dr. Martijn University of Regensburg Germany
83 Kotze Ms. Donna Indigo development & change South Africa
84 Krug Dr. Cornelia B. Université Paris-Sud 11 France
85 Kruger Mr. Bertus Agricultural Bank of Namibia Namibia
86 Kunz Ms. Natalie University of Kaiserslautern Germany
87 Küppers Prof. Dr. Manfred University Hohenheim Germany
88 Labitzky Mr. Timo University of Hamburg Germany
89 Lang Prof. Dr. Hartmut University of Hamburg Germany
90 Lebershausen Ms. Lisa Philipps University Marburg Germany
91 Lieckfeld Ms. Lena University of Hamburg South Africa
92 Limpricht Dr. Cornelia University of Hamburg Germany
93 Linke Ms. Theresa University of Hamburg Germany
94 Linsenmair Prof. Dr. K. Eduard University of Würzburg Germany
95 Lohmann Mr. Dirk University of Potsdam Germany
96 Loris Dr. Kurt University Hohenheim Germany
97 Lot Ms. Marianna Johanna n.a. South Africa
98 Lück-Vogel Dr. Melanie CSIR - Council for Scientific and Industrial Research South Africa
99 Luther-Mosebach Mr. Jona University of Hamburg Germany
100 Lutsch Dr. Nicole University of Hamburg Germany
101 Mager Dr. Denise Stellenbosch University South Africa
102 Mapaure Mr. Clever University of Namibia Namibia
103 Maphangwa Mr. Khumbudzo Walter South African National Biodiversity Institute South Africa
104 Marais Mr. Eugène National Museum of Namibia Namibia
105 Martens Prof. Dr. Andreas University of Education Karlsruhe Germany
106 Mayer Dr. Carolin Université Catholique de Louvain Belgium
107 Medinski Ms. Tanya Stellenbosch University South Africa
108 Mey Dr. Wolfram Humboldt University Berlin Germany
109 Meyer Ms. Sarah Karslruher Institute of Technology Germany
110 Meyer Dr. Jork Philipps University Marburg Germany
111 Meyfarth Ms. Susanne University of Potsdam Germany
112 Miehlich Prof. Dr. Günter University of Hamburg Germany
113 Mills Dr. Anthony Stellenbosch University South Africa
114 Mohr Dr. Kathrin I. University of Goettingen Morocco
115 Mtuleni Mr. Vilho Snake BIOTA Namibia Namibia
116 Muche Dr. Gerhard University of Hamburg Germany
117 Mukuya Mr. Robert Silarius n.a. Namibia
118 Müller Ms. Jutta University Hohenheim Germany
119 Musil Prof. Dr. Charles South African National Biodiversity Institute South Africa
120 Namwoonde Ms. Ndateelela Emilia University of Namibia Namibia
121 Naumann Ms. Christiane University of Hamburg Germany
122 Neu Ms. Daniela Philipps University Marburg Germany
123 Nottebrock Mr. Henning University of Potsdam Germany
124 Nuppenau Prof. Dr. Ernst-August Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen (JLU) Germany
125 Nyaga Mr. Justine Muhoro University of Cape Town South Africa
126 Oettle Mr. Noel Environmental Monitoring Group South Africa
127 Oldeland Mr. Jens University of Hamburg Germany
128 Olehowski Mr. Claas Pädagogische Hochschule Heidelberg Germany
129 Oliver Tessa
130 Overmann Prof. Dr. Jörg Deutsche Sammlung von Mikroorganismen und Zellkulturen (DSMZ) Germany
131 Pellowski Ms. Magdalena University of Hamburg Germany
132 Peters Mr. Jan University of Greifswald Germany
133 Petersen Dr. Andreas University of Hamburg Germany
134 Pfiz Dr. Michael University Hohenheim Germany
135 Pieters Mr. Wynand CapeNature South Africa
136 Popp Dr. Alexander Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) Germany
137 Poschlod Prof. Dr. Peter University of Regensburg Germany
138 Powrie Mr. Leslie W. South African National Biodiversity Institute South Africa
139 Prediger Mr. Sebastian Philipps University Marburg Germany
140 Pringle Dr. Hugh Ecosystem Management Understanding (EMU) Project Australia
141 Pröpper Dr. Michael University of Hamburg Germany
142 Raitt Prof. Dr. Lincoln University of the Western Cape South Africa
143 Rambold Prof. Dr. Gerhard University of Bayreuth Germany
144 Reinhold-Hurek Prof. Dr. Barbara University of Bremen Germany
145 Reisch Mr. Christoph University of Regensburg Germany
146 Richter Prof. Dr. Otto Technische Universität Braunschweig Germany
147 Rohde Dr. Rick University of Edinburgh United Kingdom
148 Rösner Mr. Sascha Philipps University Marburg Germany
149 Rossmanith Dr. Eva University of Potsdam Germany
150 Röwer Ms. Inga Ute University of Hamburg Germany
151 Rubilar Rosales Mr. Hugo University of Potsdam Germany
152 Ruppel Dr. Oliver C. University of Namibia Namibia
153 Rutherford Dr. Michael C. South African National Biodiversity Institute South Africa
154 Ruwanza Mr. Sheunesu South African National Biodiversity Institute and Stellenbosch University South Africa
155 Samways Prof. Michael Stellenbosch University South Africa
156 Sarmento Cabral Dr. Juliano University of Goettingen Germany
157 Schmiedel Dr. Ute University of Hamburg Germany
158 Schneiderat Ms. Ute Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen (JLU) Germany
159 Schultz Dr. Matthias University of Hamburg Germany
160 Schurr Dr. Frank M. University of Potsdam Germany
161 Schütze Ms. Sharon University of Potsdam Germany
162 Schwager Dr. Monika University of Mainz Germany
163 September Ms Zuna M. National Botanical Institute Namibia
164 Seymour Dr. Colleen South African National Biodiversity Institute South Africa
165 Shamathe Mr. Kuniberth Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry Namibia
166 Simaika Mr. John Stellenbosch University South Africa
167 Simmons Dr. Robert University of Cape Town South Africa
168 Smit Prof. Nico University of the Free State South Africa
169 Söndgerath Dr. Dagmar Technische Universität Braunschweig Germany
170 Sop Mr. Tene Kwetche University of Hamburg Germany
171 Steinhäuser Ms. Jutta Universität Potsdam Germany
172 Strohbach Ms. Marianne University of Pretoria South Africa
173 Strohbach Mr. Ben J. National Botanical Research Institute Namibia
174 Suhling Dr. Frank Technische Universität Braunschweig Germany
175 Suwald Mr. Andrzej University of Hamburg Germany
176 Swartbooi Ms. Jeanette Gobabeb Training & Research Centre Namibia
177 Swartbooi Mr. Sebedeus Gobabeb Training & Research Centre Namibia
178 Tews Dr. Joerg Noreca Consulting Inc Germany
179 Tietjen Dr. Britta Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) Germany
180 van der Merwe Dr. Helga University of Pretoria South Africa
181 van Rooyen Prof. Dr. M. W. Gretel University of Pretoria South Africa
182 Vohland Dr. Katrin Humboldt University Berlin Germany
183 Vollan Dr. Björn University of Mannheim Germany
184 Vrdoljak Mr. Sven Stellenbosch University South Africa
185 Wasiolka Dr. Bernd University of Potsdam Germany
186 Weber Dr. Bettina University of Kaiserslautern Germany
187 Weber Ms. Janne University of Hamburg Germany
188 Wesuls Mr. Dirk University of Hamburg Germany
189 Wichmann Dr. Matthias Centre for Ecology and Hydrology United Kingdom
190 Wieczorek Ms. Mareike University of Potsdam Germany
191 Wiegand Dr. Thorsten Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ Germany
192 Willer Mr. Jan Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources Germany
193 Winschiers-Theophilus Dr. Heike Polytechnic of Namibia Namibia
194 Wirth Prof. Dr. Volkmar Staatl. Museum für Naturkunde Karlsruhe United Kingdom
195 Wisch Ms. Ulrike University of Hamburg Germany
196 Zedda Dr. Luciana University of Bayreuth Germany
197 Zeller Prof. Dr. Ulrich Humboldt University Berlin Germany
198 Zimmermann Dr. Ibo Polytechnic of Namibia Namibia
199 Zimmermann Dr. Julia Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ Germany