Weather data
A large number of automatic weather stations has been implemented in the frame of the BIOTA AFRICA project by the Namibian National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) and the Group "Biodiversity, Evolution and Ecology" (BEE) of the University of Hamburg. The website offers hourly updates of data and graphs of a large number of weather parameters.



List of subprojects within BIOTA Southern Africa (Phase I):

Subproject S01
Remote sensing and GIS based survey of spatial and temporal biodiversity dynamics and analysis of biodiversity and geodiversity interrelationships

Subproject S02
Edaphical diversity and biodiversity in mutual dependence

Subproject S03
Biodiversity of South-African fungi: interaction with higher plants, functional diversity and DNA-taxonomy

Subproject S04
Development of a storage and retrieval system for lichenological biodiversity data

Subproject S05
Biological soil crusts of terrestrial ecosystems: modes of pattern formation and their modelling concerning their diversity, their structure and their function in cryptogamic communities

Subproject S06
Changes in botanical biodiversity as related to changes in land use practices and climate: Standardized monitoring and transect analysis

Subproject S07
Functional zoodiversity in southern Africa under changing environments and human use

Subproject S08
Diversity of Namibian dragonflies: effects of anthropogenic changes and modelling on different scales

Subproject S09
Structural and species diversity in semi-arid savannahs of southern Africa: the impact of land use and climatic change

Subproject S10
Which processes and mechanisms determine the biodiversity in (semi-)arid plant communities? A rule-based model for the western Richtersveld

Subproject S11
Socio-economic aspects of changes in biodiversity in southern Africa