Lichens - Wlotzkasbaken

Lichen monitoring

View images of soil lichen monitoring and a list of taxa of the investigated hectare plots of the observatory:


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List of terricolous lichens


Name of lichen species
Acarospora sp. 03 
Buellia sp. 03 
Caloplaca elegantissima (Nyl.) Zahlbr. 
Caloplaca volkii V. Wirth & Vezda 
Diploschistes sp. 01 
Lecidella crystallina V. Wirth & Vezda 
Ramalina capensis Th. Fr. 
Teloschistes capensis (L. f.) Müll. Arg. 
Toninia sp. 01 
10  Xanthoparmelia walteri M.D.E. Knox 


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