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Title Coffee Wilt Disease caused by Gibberella xylarioides and its rapid spread in East Africa

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Short title CWD

Author(s) Hindorf, H.(1); Adugna, G.(2)

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Institution(s) (1) INRES-Phytomedizin, University of Bonn, Germany; (2) JARC, Jimma, Ethiopia

Keywords Coffea arabica; fungal disease; Ethiopia

Abstract The pathogen Gibberella xylarioides was described first on Coffea excelsa in West Africa and eradicated thereafter this species. Since 1930 the pathogen attacked C. canephora (Robusta) and caused severe damage, especially in Uganda and Congo. Since 1997 the fungus attacks C. arabica (Arabica) in Ethiopia more seriously and is now found in all coffee growing areas. The pathogen even occurs in very remoted sites like the Afromontane rainforests with an indigenous coffee population. The damage after invasion of the pathogen is a total loss of the coffee tree within 3 – 5 months. The Arabica strain of the pathogen can be distinguished from the Robusta strain by molecular-biological techniques and pathogenicity tests.

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