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Title Implementation-oriented research in the CoCE Project

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Short title An integrative approach

Author(s) Zander, U.(1); Moll, P.(2)

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Institution(s) (1) Learning processes for sustainable development, Wuppertal; (2) science development, Wuppertal

Keywords Interdisciplinarity; transdisciplinarity; process management

Abstract A research project, which aims to contribute towards conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, requires not only the integration of different disciplines but also of various stakeholders. In its second phase CoCE therefore evolved from a mainly multidisciplinary into a more inter- and transdisciplinary project.
With the support of two external consultants the project team uses implementation targets as organizing elements for this integration process. In a series of workshops the team members identified their contributions to the implementation targets. Thus the various interfaces between the involved disciplines and possible stakeholders became clear. For each implementation target the results of the ongoing research are integrated not just at the end but throughout the whole project.

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