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Title Contributions of the Ethiopian Coffee Forest Forum to the conservation of coffee forests in Ethiopia.

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Short title Ethiopian Coffee Forest Forum (ECFF)

Author(s) Gole, T.W.(1); Senbeta, F.(1); Moll, P.(2); Zander, U.(3); Gatzweiler, F.(4); Denich, M.(4); Kelbessa, E.(5); Adugna, G.(6); Dalle, G.(7); Hedden-Dunkhorst, B.(8)

Presenting author Tadesse W. Gole

Institution(s) (1) ECFF, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; (2) science development, Wuppertal; (3) Learning processes for sustainable development, Wuppertal, Germany; (4) ZEF Bonn, Germany; (5) Addis Ababa University; (6) EIAR-JARC, Jimma, Ethiopia; (7) IBC, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; (8) Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN), Bonn, Germany

Keywords Biosphere reserve, conservation education; policy advice, talent competition; para-ecologist training; field school;

Abstract The coffee forests of Ethiopia are important for both biodiversity conservation and the livelihood of people in the area. For conservation and sustainable use of the forests, the biosphere reserve (BR) approach is the most suitable option as BRs are established to promote and demonstrate a balanced relationship between nature conservation and human development. However, the BR concept is new to Ethiopian. The Ethiopian Coffee Forest Forum – an NGO established by CoCE – is carrying out the implementation oriented activities of the CoCE project, particularly on conservation education, advocacy, lobbying and networking at different levels. In collaboration with its partners, ECFF has prepared a road map and a task force for the BR establishment in SW Ethiopia. ECFF also organizes workshops and trainings for policy makers and experts on BR and landscape planning, the proceedings of which are published and distributed to the public. Trainings on forest resources assessment, inventory, coffee disease management and monitoring were also given to selected farmers (para-ecologists). School children participated in special talent competitions with drawing arts (painting), poem writing and songs or performance arts focusing on the values of coffee forests and conservation. ECFF also uses radio, TV, newspapers and documentary film to disseminate information.

Congress Topic Coffee project

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