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Title Phylochip studies of Acidobacteria diversity in Namibian soils.

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Short title Acidobacteria diversity in Namibian soils

Author(s) Rappl, K.(1); Pester, M.(2); Hartmann, M.(3); Starke, I.(2); Wagner, M.(2); Loy, A.(2); Ludwig, W.(1)

Presenting author Rappl, Kristina

Institution(s) (1) Department of Microbiology, Technical University of Munich; (2) Department of Microbial Ecology, University of Vienna; (3) Ocean Biogeochemistry & Ecosystems Research Group, National Oceanography Centre Southampton

Keywords Diversity; Acidobacteria; Microarray; Namibia

Abstract In soil Acidobacteria are present in high numbers and therefore considered to be of great ecological relevance. Although the vast majority of acidobacteria currently cannot be cultured, the phylogenetic complexity of the Acidobacteria phylum indicates a wide physiological spectrum of its members.
We analyzed the diversity of representatives of the phylum Acidobacteria in Namibian soil samples collected at sites that are subjected to different human land use managements as well as non-impacted, pristine control sites.
A prototype of an Acidobacteria-PhyloChip allowed the rapid screening of soils via microarray hybridizations using a probe set for monitoring Acidobacteria on the subdivison level. Results were linked with the status of soil health in order to establish a bio-indicator system for soil fertility respective to a certain mode of impact.

Congress Topic Microbiology

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