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Title Why and How to Conserve Kakamega Forest – a Synthesis of E13 Phase II+III

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Short title Why and How to Conserve Kakamega Forest

Author(s) Wünscher, T.

Presenting author Wünscher, T.

Institution(s) Center for Development Research (ZEF b), University of Bonn

Keywords Valuation, Kakamega Forest, Ecosystem Services, Participatory Forest Management, Auctions, Multi Agent Modelling

Abstract In the second phase of BIOTA, the E13 subproject has undertaken a series of valuation studies to determine the monetary value of Kakamega Forest and its ecosystem services. The overall result shows that the conservation of Kakamega Forest makes economic sense since the products and services that it provides to the local and international community are greater than the cost of conservation. In the third phase, the E13 subproject looks at how conservation can be implemented. Since the Kenyan Forest Act from 2005 opens the way for participatory forest management that more actively involves the forest adjacent community, E13 puts special emphasis on the design and analysis of these approaches but also looks into alternative market-based conservation. The poster illustrates how the different work items of E13 in both phases fit together. Presenting some of the phase II results it answers the question why Kakamega Forest should be conserved and presenting some of the work that is currently in progress in phase III it addresses the issue of how Kakamega Forest can be conserved.

Congress Topic Land use, impact and value

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