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Presentation Oral presentation
Title Paving the road for pollinator conservation in Kenya

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Short title Paving the road for pollinator conservation in Kenya

Author(s) Kinuthia, W. (1); Gikungu, M. (1); Hagen, M. (2); Kraemer, M. (2)

Presenting author Kinuthia, W.

Institution(s) (1) National Museum of Kenya, Nairobi; (2) Biological Collection, University of Bielefeld

Keywords pollination, ecosystem service, food security, conservation

Abstract Pollination by insects and other animals is crucial for the reproduction of many crops and wild plants. This important service, however, is hardly recognized by the public and receives only little attention by local farmers and scientists. For the conservation of pollinators it is therefore necessary to raise public awareness and create knowledge and capability on different levels of education. The presentation will give an overview over past and future activities concerning this matter. Apart from these rather national efforts, and as the so-called “pollinator crisis” apparently is a world-wide phenomenon, international endeavour is badly required. For this reason, and based upon existing African networks (Afrinet, African Pollinator Initiative), Kenya participates in a multi-national UNEP/GEF project “Conservation and Management of Pollinators for Sustainable Agriculture, through an Ecosystem Approach”, that will certainly serve as a milestone on the way to pollinator conservation.

Congress Topic Capacity development

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