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Title Visual Plants – a tool for data capturing, data presentation, rapid determination and capacity building in biodiversity informatics for plants

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Author(s) Dalitz, H.(1); Eilu, G.(3); Masinde, S.(2); Mbatudde, M.(3); Mizrahi-Todt, L.(1); Mwachala, G.(2); Ssegawa, P.(3); Waltemathe, J.(1)

Presenting author Dalitz, H.

Institution(s) (1) Institute of Botany, University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart; (2) National Museum of Kenya, Nairobi; (3) University of Makerere, Kampala, Uganda

Keywords Determination of plants; data capturing; capacity building; data maintenance

Abstract Making biodiversity information available is one task within large project frameworks. This includes several aspects and data levels: Data capturing of stored information in herbaria including images of herbarium speciments, data capturing of voucher specimen, images of living plants, development of determination systems. Within the project framework in two major institutions (Herbarium of National Museums of Kenya, Herbarium of University of Makerere) in East Africa Visual Plants is used as data capturing tool for the above-mentioned tasks. Aim is the building of one central data provider in East Africa through capacity building in terms of infrastructure, usage of international standards and education with workshops. Additionally captured data will be used for mapping specimen information of 50 selected species throughout East Africa, which are either endangered or used as medicinal plants for analysis of the status of the selected species for today and the past.

Congress Topic Capacity development

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