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Title Participatory research with some Namibian farmers to improve ecological functioning

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Short title Participatory research with Namibian farmers

Author(s) Zimmermann, I.(1); Shamathe, K.(1); Pringle, H.J.R.(2); Tjilumbu, L.(1); Liyemo, A.(1); Muheua, S.T.(1); Kauatjirue, J.(1)

Presenting author Zimmermann, I.; Shamathe, K.

Institution(s) (1) Polytechnic of Namibia, Windhoek; (2) Bush Heritage Australia, Fremantle

Keywords Burning; participation; poisons; restoration; trampling.

Abstract Partnerships were formed with different Namibian farmers to scientifically test the effectiveness of certain management interventions. In the case of some innovative farmers their own ideas are tested, on patch burning and strategic trampling to improve ecological functioning. In the Auas-Oanob Conservancy a gully system in a fertile upland valley, which had been identified by the farmers as a key part of the landscape, was treated with strategically placed filters. The filters were made of branches cut selectively from dense stands of encroached Acacia mellifera growing nearby. With other farmers who use poisons for parasite control on their livestock, some biodiversity friendly alternatives are tried, based upon Effective Microorganisms (EM). In order to differentiate between treating symptoms and causes, farmers were asked to draw "problem trees" as a diagnostic tool showing the causal linkages, through which the consequences of different interventions could be better visualised and understood.

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