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Title Utilisation, loss and conservation of plant diversity in cacao plantation areas: case studies from central Côte d'Ivoire (Lamto Reserve and Oumé area)

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Short title Utilization of plant diversity in cacao plantation areas

Author(s) Konan, D.(1); Piba, S.C.(1); Koulibaly, A.(1); Kouamé, N’G.F.(1); Goetze, D.(2); Traoré, D.(1); Porembski, S.(2)

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Institution(s) (1) UFR Biosciences/Botany, University of Cocody/Abidjan; (2) Institute of Biosciences/Botany, University of Rostock

Keywords cash crop cultivation; ethnobotanic customs; forest regeneration; land use management; peoples' migration

Abstract Effects of cacao cultivation on plant species diversity and regeneration were studied, and past and present land use practices and ethnobotanic customs were interrogated with interviews among the inhabitants.Young cacao plantations showed high diversity of naturally growing forest species that drastically declined in the fifth year of cultivation due to repeated clearing of the plantations. The change in plant species utilisation due to the spread of cacao cultivation areas was studied for the autochthonous Gagou minority, the Baoulé who immigrated from a neighbouring area and the allogenous Mossi. Despite clear differences in species totals of 42 cacao plantations (Gagou: 75 species, n = 15 plantations; Baoulé: 44, n = 13; Mossi: 64, n = 14), the number of protected species was similar everywhere, 35 of which were protected for continuous utilisation by all three minorities. Despite an increasing lack of several species that leads to direct losses in diet and medical supply, the utilisation of a large diversity of naturally growing species is of unchanged high importance for all needs of every day's life of the villagers and without any alternative. Land use management must take into account the regeneration potential of woody forest species in the cacao cultivation areas.

Congress Topic Land use, impact and value

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