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Title Checklist of the Flora of Burkina Faso - Out soon.

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Short title Checklist of the Flora of Burkina Faso.

Author(s) Dressler, S.(1,2); Schmidt, M.(1,2); Thiombiano, A.(3); Hahn-Hadjali, K.(2); Guinko, S.(3); Zizka, G.(1,2)

Presenting author Dressler, S.

Institution(s) (1) Research Institute Senckenberg, Frankfurt/M., Germany; (2) Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt/M., Germany; (3) University of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Keywords Checklist, higher plants, ferns, seed plants, Burkina Faso

Abstract A checklist of the vascular plant flora of Burkina Faso is in preparation, including approximately 1800 species. This figure exceeds the species number in the existing 1991 catalogue of Lebrun by ca. 30%. These were found in the meantime especially in the course of the BIOTA project during fieldwork of Ph.D. candidates and focussed collecting expeditions to undercollected areas. All field trips were joint ventures between partners from Burkina Faso and Germany improving field experience of the participants and adding herbarium specimens to the institutions in Ouagadougo and Frankfurt. Hence, we feel the necessity to publish an updated checklist which may serve as a first orientation and guideline for anyone working with the higher plant diversity in Burkina Faso, as long as a modern national flora is still a desideratum.

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