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Title A generic savanna model for modelling vegetation dynamics

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Short title Generic savanna model

Author(s) Meyfarth, S.(1); Tietjen, B.(1); Strohbach, M.(2); Wesuls, D.(3); Gröngröft, A.(4); Rossmanith, E.(1); Blaum, N.(1); Jeltsch F.(1)

Presenting author Meyfarth, S.

Institution(s) (1) Plant Ecology and Nature Conservation, University of Potsdam; (2) Vegetation Ecology, National Botanical Research Institute, Windhoek; (3) Biocentre Klein Flottbek, University of Hamburg; (4) Institute of Soil Science, University of Hamburg

Keywords Savanna; generic model; vegetation model; soil-water model

Abstract A generic savanna model has been developed, which offers the framework to describe and simulate the vegetation dynamics of different Namibian savanna systems along the BIOTA North-South-transect. The model consists of two coupled submodels, a soil-water model and a vegetation model. It has been parameterised for the BIOTA observatory Otjiamongombe West 44/ Erichsfelde (thornbush savanna). The model allows to analyse the effects of changes in rainfall amount and variability due to climate change and of different land use strategies on the vegetation as well as feedback mechanisms between vegetation and soil moisture.

Congress Topic Process Analysis

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