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Title Small-scale vegetation-dynamics on different soils on the Etjo Erosion plains

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Short title Vegetation dynamics in Central Namibia

Author(s) Strohbach, M.; Van Rooyen, G.

Presenting author Strohbach, M.

Institution(s) Department of Plant Science, University of Pretoria

Keywords thornbush savanna; erosion plains; soil gradient; small-scale vegetation changes

Abstract The composition and structure of vegetation in savannas changes annually as rainfall amount and rainfall distribution changes. This has important implications for appropriate land-use practices. In addition, these vegetation dynamics also differ according to prevalent soil characteristics. These parameters are poorly documented in central Namibia, thus making it even more difficult to fully understand the impact of grazing practices. Vegetation dynamics at a small scale were monitored on a lightly-utilised farm on the Etjo Erosion plains, along a gradient from sandy loam to sandy soil.

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