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Title Combining Plant Functional Types and Landscape Functional Analysis - possible new tool for rangeland managers?

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Short title Improved Rangeland Monitoring for Central Namibia

Author(s) Strohbach, M.; Van Rooyen, G.

Presenting author Strohbach, M.

Institution(s) Department of Plant Science, University of Pretoria

Keywords Plant Functional Types; Landscape Functional Analysis; rapid monitoring tool

Abstract Small-scale changes in soil characteristics and associated distribution of vegetation over time can be rapidly recorded on an annual or bi-annual basis by land-users themselves, using the Landscape Functional Analyses (LFA) method. Combining LFA with easily-understood Plant Functional Types, instead of just vegetation cover as used by the LFA method, can provide the land-user with valuable insights of the impact of his land-use practices. As the method is rapid to apply, simple to understand and provides easy descriptions of plant types and soil surface characteristics, it may prove to be a scientifically based method that is acceptable to land-users with little spare time and unfamiliar with scientific terminology or plant names. However, initial trials of this method have shown that it will have to be extensively tested over a range of vegetation types and vegetation states, before values obtained by this survey can be meaningfully interpreted in the Namibian context.

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