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Title West African Plant Database – a photo guide and identification tool

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Short title West African Plant Database

Author(s) Schmidt, M.(1,2); Brunken, U.(1); Dressler, S.(1,2); Janssen, T.(1); Porembski, S.(4); Thiombiano, A.(3); Zizka, G. (1,2)

Presenting author Schmidt, M.

Institution(s) (1) Research Institute Senckenberg, Frankfurt/M., Germany; (2) Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt/M., Germany; (3) University of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso; (4) University of Rostock, Germany

Keywords character data, determination, higher plants, plant photos

Abstract A new website currently including approximately 3500 photographs of West African plants is presented. It shall serve as an internet photo-database as well as an identification help. The photographs can be accessed via browsing a hierarchical list of taxa and/or searching for specific morphological characters. For this identification aid a total of 18 characters regarding flower, fruit, habit, and leaf are encoded. You will then receive a result page with species names and up to three thumbnail images. By clicking on either of them you get to the species page with all available images and further information plus links to further internet databases.
The digital photographic documentations are a result of extensive field studies in the course of the BIOTA-West Africa project. The photographed taxa are identified by experienced scientists. This website will be accessible for anyone interested in the plant diversity of West Africa. For our counterparts in West Africa with constricted internet access a stand alone version will be available.

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