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Title Understanding mechanisms and processes of possible climate and land use changes on species diversity: The BIOTA Kalahari Biodiversity Simulator KBioSim© -an educational and management tool

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Short title KBioSim – The Kalahari Biodiversity Simulator

Author(s) Blaum, N.(1); Schwager, M.(2); Rossmanith, E.(1); Tews, J.(3); Wichmann, M.C.(4); Jeltsch, F.(1)

Presenting author Blaum, N.

Institution(s) (1) Plant Ecology and Nature Conservation, University of Potsdam; (2) Department of Zoology, University of Mainz; (3) Department of Biology, Acadia University; (4) Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, CEH Wallingford

Keywords land use; wood cutting; shrub encroachment; climate change; population dynamics

Abstract The BIOTA Kalahari Biodiversity Simulator KBioSim© is a non-profit educational and management tool to demonstrate and explore the complex responses of selected, indicative species on possible climate and land use changes in the southern Kalahari. Species representatives were selected based on their specific dependency on vegetation structures influenced by land use activities i.e. trees (wood harvesting) and shrubs (overgrazing) and differences in their spatial scale of dispersal, home range and migration. The main objective of KBioSim© is to improve your understanding of ecological mechanisms and processes on different spatial scales that have to be considered when trying to predict the consequences of management decisions or environmental changes on species level. You can use this tool and test the impacts of different land use scenarios on the population dynamics of selected species for various (i) climatic change scenarios, (ii) wood harvesting intensities and (iii) stocking rates of domestic livestock.

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