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Title Awareness raising film project on illegal logging in Northern Namibia

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Short title Kavango logging awareness film

Author(s) Mukuya, R.(1); Pröpper, M.(2)

Presenting author Robert Mukuya

Institution(s) (1) BIOTA Para-Ecologist, c/o Directorate of Forestry Rundu, Namibia; (2) Institute of Social Anthropology, University of Hamburg, Germany

Keywords Kavango; awareness film; capacity building; logging; deforestation

Abstract In close cooperation with Robert Mukuya, the Kavango BIOTA Para-Ecologist, the Institute of Social Anthropology, University of Hamburg in 2007 produced an ethnographic awareness film that depicts the problem of illegal logging in the Kavango region of Namibia. The Kavango woodland savannah is one of the few remaining forest resources in a country that is confronted with increasing deforestation. The fact that logging targets valuable trees that are irreplaceable due to their long growing-period makes uncontrolled harvesting of timber trees a severe environmental problem in the region.
This film assesses the situation of land-users who practise logging, investigates backgrounds and presents exemplary community-based forestry projects.
The film has been widely disseminated all over the Kavango and has been screened on National Television. As one of the tasks of the BIOTA capacity building program, Robert Mukuya is currently busy screening the film with a mobile technology all over rural Kavango to raise awareness for the value of natural resources and to initiate a discussion on a local and regional level. In this presentation he will report about his experiences with the project and the land-user reactions.

Congress Topic Capacity development

Topic No. 5.7
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