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Title Functional classification of vegetation as an instrument to detect indicators for rangeland degradation

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Author(s) Wesuls, D.; Dreber, N.; Oldeland, J.

Presenting author Wesuls, D.

Institution(s) University of Hamburg, Biocentre Klein Flottbek & Botanical Garden, Ohnhorststr. 18, 22609 Hamburg, Germany

Keywords Namibia; savanna; plant functional types; species traits, grazing gradients

Abstract Plant functional traits are presently regarded as an universal approach to describe changes in plant communities caused by climate change and human use. The inter-regional nature of this approach is often considered as an alternative to species based analyses. Until now there are neither standards concerning the analysis of functional traits nor their classification into plant functional types. This poster presents an example of joint ordination of environmental variables, species abundances and species traits called RLQ-Analysis. With the help of this method it is possible to detect indicator species, traits and functional types from vegetation data recorded along grazing gradients around livestock watering points in the Namibian savanna

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