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Title Socioeconomic and cultural determinisms of cacao production in the Baoulé-V and the Lamto region (Côte d'Ivoire)

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Short title Socioeconomic determinisms of cacao production in Côte d'Ivoire

Author(s) Yao, A.T.R.(1); Kouassi, N'G.F.(1); Goetze, D.(2); Kouakou, N'G.F.(1); Porembski, S.(2)

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Institution(s) (1) Institute of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Bouaké at Abidjan; (2) Institute of Biosciences/Botany, University of Rostock

Keywords economic politics; migration; social changes; division of labour; sustainable use

Abstract The composition of the human population, the village structure and the present state of cacao cultivation is assessed in the Lamto–Oumé region. For the detailed study of the present state and the dynamics of the social, economic and demographic situation nine villages were selected, inhabited by the autochthonous ethnic groups of the Baoulé and Gban, and comprising sites of varying plantation ages, abandoned cultivation areas and other types of cultivation most recently replacing cacao cultivation. The study design bases on a historical, a dialectical and a comparative approach. It focuses in particular on changes in the gender roles and on effects of immigration by allochthonous Baoulé and Burkinabé members that have introduced their social, political and also linguistic peculiarities. As an effect, new peacekeeping alliances among the involved minorities appear to result from this. Co-workers not belonging to the families are increasingly recruited and paid for field work. The peasants are directly subjected to the fluctuations of the world market prices after national incentives have been cancelled. They have been trying to compensate income reductions with enlarging the cultivation areas. This already has lead to a limitation of the cultivation of other crops. Therefore tests of less space demanding cultivation options have been launched.

Congress Topic Land use, impact and value

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