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Title Creating an ecology laboratory to support ecological research in Kenya

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Short title Ecology Laboratory

Author(s) Musila, W.(1,2); Gliniars, R.(1); Oesker, M.(1); Todt, H.(1); Dalitz, H.(1)

Presenting author Musila, W.

Institution(s) (1) Institute of Botany, University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart; (2) National Museum of Kenya

Keywords Capacity building, Ecological research in Kenya, ecology laboratory

Abstract Despite the important role NMK (National Museums of Kenya) plays in supporting conservation initiatives, currently there is no laboratory where basic ecological analysis can be done. Though there are other laboratories in some institutions, laboratory costs are high and prohibitive. An ecology lab has been installed at the NMK, Herbarium department with the support of the BIOTA-East E03 subproject. The laboratory will play a critical role in supporting interdisciplinary research in ecosystem science and to improve our understanding of the complex interactions between humans, management activities, and ecosystems.
The specific objectives of the laboratory will be to support:
a) basic research, aimed at better understanding of biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.
b) applied research, aimed at understanding the mechanisms and drivers of change in biodiversity, assessing and minimizing the negative impacts of human activities on ecosystems.
In addition ecological research initiated within BIOTA East will be handed over to the ecological laboratory to ensure long-term continuation of the ecological research. The ecological investigations to be continued include soil/plant interaction, restoration work and long-term monitoring of tree growth and seedling establishment.

Congress Topic Capacity development

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