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Title Foliicolous lichens as bioindicators for different forest types in Kakamega Forest

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Author(s) Yeshitela, K.(1); Killmann, D.(1); Sérusiaux, E.(2); Fischer, E.(1)

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Institution(s) (1) Institute for Integrated Natural Sciences, University of Koblenz-Landau; (2) Plant Taxonomy and Conservation Biology Unit, University of Liège, Belgium

Keywords lichens, biodiversity, bioindicator

Abstract Foliicolous lichens have been shown to have a high potential as indicators of anthropogenic disturbance in tropical forests. In this study, foliicolous lichens were sampled from the shrub layer of different forest types in Kakamega forest. It has been shown that forest types with different levels of anthropogenic disturbance differ in their foliicolous lichens compositions. In additions, some species have high fidelity to a particular forest type and not to others, making them as bioindicator of that forest type.

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