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Title BIOTA East Subproject E-Scholarships: Capacity Building: High-Potential Postgraduate Scholars from Africa.

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Author(s) Kuhn, M.(1); Diwani, T.(2)

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Institution(s) (1) Catholic Academic Exchange Service (K.A.A.D); (2) Institute of crop science and Resource Conservation, INRES: Plant Nutrition, University of Bonn.

Keywords Postgraduate scholarships, financial support, civic educational support

Abstract The KAAD is a German scholarship organization of the Catholic Church. As a part of BIOTA-East, KAAD provides financial and civic educational support to fourty high-potential postgraduate scholars from East Africa.
As part of the BIOTA network, KAAD has dedicated itself to capacity building for high-potential postgraduate scholars from Africa. The process of selecting fitting candidates for research within BIOTA East subprojects could be facilitated with the help of KAAD's experience. The poster provides short portraits of three BIOTA scientists who are KAAD-scholarship holders. It gives a short outline of their reasearch topics, their future perspectives and their view of KAAD's services to their studies.

Congress Topic Capacity development

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