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Title Multi- Agent Simulation of the Effects of Participatory Management Approaches on the Sustainable Utilization and Conservation of Kakamega Forest in Kenya

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Short title Multi-Agent Simulation of Participatory Forest Management

Author(s) Maithya, J.; Wünscher, T.

Presenting author Maithya, J.

Institution(s) Center for Development Research (ZEF b), University of Bonn

Keywords Agent based modelling, forest management, complex system, human-environment interaction, decision support tool

Abstract Rural dwellers in western Kenya continue to exploit forest resources in a manner that is not sustainable. One of the reasons cited behind this forest degradation is the lack of involving the local communities in forest management initiatives. The Kenyan government reacted accordingly and recently passed legislation that encourages the active involvement of the local communities in forest management. However, experiences with participatory forest management have been mixed and the human-environment interaction is a complex system. We attempt to better understand this system by building an agent-based model using netlogo to simulate participatory forest use under different regulatory scenarios. Model calibration and design is based on economic field experiments. The model will help to describe stakeholder behaviour, identify potentially successful design options for participatory approaches and will provide a decision support tool for stakeholders involved in forest management.

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