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Title Identification books for selected Insect groups

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Short title Identification books

Author(s) Mey, W.; Deckert, J.; Koch, F.

Presenting author Mey, W.

Institution(s) Museum für Naturkunde, Humboldt-Universität, Invalidenstr. 43, D – 10115 Berlin, Germany

Keywords field guides, insects, Lepidoptera, Heteroptera, Hymenoptera

Abstract The taxonomic basis of most insect groups in southern Africa is poor or inadequate. Efforts have to be undertaken to improve the taxonomic basis of important taxa. This can be done best in producing identification books. Designed as field guides they may become suitable tools and a prerequisite for taking insects into consideration in biodiversity research, and developing practical applications like monitoring, conservation measures, etc. in Namibia, RSA and elsewhere in Africa. The following taxa are concerned: Micro-Lepidoptera, Macro-Lepidoptera, Heteroptera and Hymenoptera: Symphyta.
A draft of the cover design, a text page and a colour table of each book are presented as examples.

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