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Title BioMonitoring Data Facility

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Short title BioMonitoring Data Facility

Author(s) Muche, G.(1); Hillmann, T.(1)

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Institution(s) (1) Biocentre Klein Flottbek, University of Hamburg

Keywords data management; long-term availability; web presentation

Abstract The BioMonitoring Data Facility forms a joint infrastructure of all regional projects, BIOTA Morocco, BIOTA East Africa, BIOTA West Africa, and BIOTA Southern Africa. BIOTA AFRICA aims at providing robust scientific information about the current status, recent change and future development of biodiversity in hot spot areas of the African continent. To reach these objectives, a vast array of data has to be managed and made available under the aspects of different user interests, dissemination of scientifically meaningful data and results and long-term availability and utilisability. The present activities of the BioMonitoring Data Facility include the continuous effort to inventory and archive all central biota data, the presentation of data and information by internet and the web-facilitation of communication between all BIOTA partners.

Congress Topic Capacity development

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