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Title Environmental History Land use and climatic impacts on the vegetation of the western part of southern Africa over the last 200 years

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Author(s) Hoffman, T.(1); Rohde, R.(2); Jürgens, N.(3)

Presenting author Hoffman, T.

Institution(s) (1)University of Cape Town; (2) --; (3)University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

Keywords climate change; environmental history; land use impacts; indicator species

Abstract Long-term changes in the vegetation of the western part of southern Africa has been recorded by an analysis of the travelers record, archival sources and repeat photography. Results suggest complex relationships between climate and land use patterns and their impact on landscapes and populations of key species such as Welwitchia mirabilis, Aloe dichotoma, Widdringtonia cedarbergensis. The future impact of climate change on the biodiversity of the region can only be understood from a sound understanding.

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