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Title Conserving the Last Refuges - an Analysis of Protected Area Management Approaches in West Africa

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Short title Management of the tri-national WAP-complex

Author(s) Konrad, T.; Linsenmair, K.E.

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Keywords management, protected areas, institutions, socio-ecological systems

Abstract Even more than in other regions, protected areas (PAs) in West Africa represent the last strongholds of biodiversity as a consequence of high human population and land use pressures. However, management of these remaining assets, though being on the agendas of national as well as international organisations, remains critical.
In order to gain a holistic view of the effectiveness of management activities implemented in the transfrontier conservation area consisting of the “W”, Arli and Pendjari complexes (shared by Burkina Faso, Benin and Niger), we analyse the complex linkages of the socio-ecological system by: 1) studying the institutional context of PA management and its effects on management outcomes; 2) analysing threats and counter strategies actually implemented in the different subsystems; and 3) revealing the interactions between micro and macro level, exemplified by different mechanisms of division of powers and active participation of surrounding communities.

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