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Title The website of BIOTA AFRICA –

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Short title The website of BIOTA AFRICA

Author(s) Hillmann, T.(1); Muche, G.(1)

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Institution(s) (1) Biocentre Klein Flottbek, University of Hamburg

Keywords web presentation; internet; data access

Abstract Such a large network as BIOTA AFRICA needs a professional 'corporate image' on the World Wide Web. A potential user of BIOTA's contributions to the biodiversity research has to find BIOTA AFRICA in the internet. For this and further purposes the website was developed. The website presents information about the structure, the participants, the contents, the publications, and data of the BIOTA AFRICA initiative and associated projects.
Each BIOTA participant has a personal login 'My BIOTA'. Here s/he can edit her/his own personal data: password, address, phone, etc. It is also possible to assign own publications which are stored in the publication database to the personal profile. If a user searches for this profile in the participants list then these publications will be automatically shown in a chronological order. Personal logins have the advantage of specific assignments of user rights, e.g. remote inserts in the publications database or allowing of data downloads.

Congress Topic Capacity development

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