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Title Strategies to reconcile biodiversity conservation with the need to improve rural livelihoods in the setting of Kakamega District.

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Short title Reconciling biodiversity with rural livelihood

Author(s) Becker, M.(1), Gaesing, K.(2), Kappel, R.(3), Mussgnug, F.(4), Rietdorf, U.(5), Schmidt-Kallert, E.(6), Wünscher, T.(7)

Presenting author Gaesing, Karin

Institution(s) (1) ARTS, University of Bonn; (2) SPRING, University of Dortmund; (3) GIGA Hamburg; (4) sept, University of Leipzig; (5) ZEF Bonn

Keywords Biodiversity; rural livelihoods; population growth; alternative income opportunitie; community participation

Abstract Diagrams and graphic information explain the current situation in Kakamega District with special regard to the utilisation of forest resources and other sources of livelihood. Departing from this current situation in the communities next to the forest, strategies and policy recommendations are presented to reach a future scenario in which households gain sufficient income and at the same time conserve Kakamega Forest and its rich biodiversity. Concrete strategies are analysed with regard to their impact on biodiversity and rural livelihoods, examples and trends presented.

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