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Title Success Factors for Participatory Forest Management in Africa

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Short title Success Factors for Participatory Forest Management

Author(s) Gaesing, K.(1), Schmidt-Kallert, E.(1)

Presenting author Gaesing, K

Institution(s) (1) SPRING, University of Dortmund

Keywords Success factors, participatory forest management, buffer zone, community participation

Abstract Participatory Forest Management can look at a wide spread success story in Asia and is currently in practice in a number of African countries. The principles and practices that enhanced success in India, Nepal and other Asian countries, however, cannot guarantee the conservation of biodiversity in Africa. Other factors, constraints and potentials are guiding the development process and the involvement of local communities in the conservation and sustainable management of natural resources. The paper derives constraints and success factors from field research around Kakamega Forest and a thorough review of current practices in Africa.

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