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Title Rural Livelihood, Land Management and Biodiversity. Community participation for biodiversity conservation

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Short title Rural livelihood and biodiversity conservation

Author(s) Kenea Negero, W.

Presenting author Gaesing, K.

Institution(s) SPRING, University of Dortmund

Keywords Rural livelihood, biodiversity conservation, community participation, self help, land tenure

Abstract The poverty level in Kakamega District is high and ever increasing. Poor households living next to the forest earn their living by using the ‘free’ resources from the forest. Both the institutional support that is necessary for improved forest management and for the diversification of livelihood options and raising the capability of households to meet their needs is missing or inadequate. The study proposes three approaches towards the sustainable conservation of biodiversity: the enhancement of spatial linkages and regional development to trigger off development activities in the district, the support of self-help activities and community participation and the increase of agricultural productivity through improved land management.

Congress Topic Land use, impact and value

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