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Presentation Oral presentation
Title BIOTA AFRICA biodiversity data nodes in Germany

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Short title BIOTA AFRICA biodiversity data nodes in Germany

Author(s) Muche, G.(1)

Presenting author Muche, G.

Institution(s) (1) Biocentre Klein Flottbek, University of Hamburg

Keywords data management; long-term availability; web presentation

Abstract Within the BIOTA AFRICA network a large amount of different types of data, information and more complex products are generated, which need to be managed in an efficient and sustainable way. For this purpose the BIOTA data center at Hamburg and a few additional nodes in Germany and Africa have developed a number of IT structures and tools. In the beginning of the project data were mainly stored in specific databanks and only metadata were available on the web. Meanwhile technological development allows far better direct access to data by users via the internet. In principle, the project aims at open access to data and information. National laws (e.g. aiming at species conservation) and protection of intellectual property rights for a defined time period are limitations which have to be considered and are regulated by the data sharing protocol of BIOTA AFRICA. Additional complexity is caused by the allways growing diversity of software formats and the need to integrate these within one common design. An important present construction site is the stratified presentation of different types of data, information and products, including GIS products, for different user groups. Similarly, the development of African data nodes is an ongoing agenda.

Congress Topic Capacity development

Topic No. 5.9
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