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Title Standardised Biodiversity Observatories – results and future challenges

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Short title Standardised Biodiversity Observatories – results and future challenges

Author(s) Jürgens, N.; Augustin, Büdel, Deutschewitz, Dojani, Donaldson, Esler, Finckh, Goetze, Hahn-Hadjali, Kongor, Koulibali, Fischer, Petersen, Porembski, Rambold, G.; Schmidt, Schmiedel, Sinsin, Strohbach, Thiombiano, Wägele, Weber, Zedda, Zizka

Presenting author Jürgens

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Abstract The BIOTA AFRICA long-term observation system was developed in parallel to the development of the concepts toward a global biodiversity observation system in the framework of DIVERSITAS or GEOSS. Therefore, the BIOTA AFRICA observation system tried to integrate a wide range of approaches with the goal to test their practical feasibility and their analytical suitability for the intended goals.

While the majority of global initiatives put emphasis on the use of remote sensing or biogeographical approaches, BIOTA in addition developed an integrated ecosystem approach. This approach places BIOTA close to the ILTER network, however, with the important difference that BIOTA developed a strictly standardised approach at all observation sites from the very beginning. Standards were defined with the goal to improve comparability of results beyond boundaries of ecosystems, pressures, dynamics, countries or continents.

The stade of development of the BIOTA observation system is presented, including important methodological aspects e.g. related to the interoperability between remote sensing data and ground truth data. Products the observation system related to quite different qualities and scales will be presented and discussed. The presentation will close with a summary of the strength and weaknesses of the presently used approach and with some recommendations for future activities.

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